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How does this service work?

It's very easy!

You create your profile for FREE. You need a valid email address to create your profile.
Your email address is used to send you your activation code to activate your profile.
Your email address is also used to alert you when someone has sent you a message.
Your email address is kept confidential. It will NEVER be given to any member. It will also NEVER be sold to any company. You will NEVER receive any unsolicitated emails from us or because of us.

How do you contact someone?

If you are a Free Member, you can ONLY send messages to Premium Members.
If you are a Premium Member, you can send messages to ANYONE and also allow ANYONE to contact you for free.
To become a Premium Member, you must pay the registration fee. To pay the registration fee, you must first register and then log on. You will then see a link to upgrade your membership to Premium Membership.
To make a long story short, to be able to contact someone, either you or the person you want to contact has to be a Premium Member. It's as easy as that.
Premium members have a label on their profiles that indicate that they are Premium Members. When you see that label, you can send messages to these members for free.
To contact someone, click on his/her profile and at the end of the profile, you should see a link to send messages.

We use an internal messaging system

We use an internal messaging system that guarantee your privacy and that you remain anonymous. This means that messages you send or receive are not sent directly to your email address but rather to an internal database at An email is sent to notify a member when he/she has received a new message.
Please be aware messages older than 45 days will be automatically deleted from our database and we recommend that you copy to somewhere else any important messages that you would like to keep.

Thank you for signing up at

We hope that we can help you finding a spouse for a successfull and happy marriage. That's what we are here for.

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